Users Guide

The goal of Azureus Speed Control is to maintain your global max upload speed setting and keep good values for it. You can control this behavior by various configuration parameters in the plugin configuration tab.

Configuration Parameters

  • Enable Plugin

    If this checkbox is enabled, the plugin starts to work. If this checkbox is disabled, the plugin will have no effect on Azureus.

  • Upload Base Speed

    This parameter refers to the upload capability of you internet connection. This is the value, that you normally used for the global max upload speed setting in Azureus. If you have no active downloads, the plugin will set the global max upload speed setting to this value.

  • Implicit upload per 100KB/s download

    This parameter is the most significant for the entire configuration. You can define how much implicit upload is caused when Azureus downloads with a certain download rate. The plugin uses this value to calculate the decrease of the global max upload speed setting.

    I figured out, that 6KB is a good value in my case. This means, that 100KB download causes 6KB additional upload. So a download rate of 50KB/sec will lead to a reduction of the upload limit by 3KB/sec.

    Perhaps the optimal value for this setting is different on your machine. If you find another value more appropriate, please let me know. Just drop me a mail or post a note on our forums.

  • Update interval

    This value controls how often the plugin is allowed to update the global max upload speed setting of Azureus. The default value is 3 seconds, which seems to be a good trade off.